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Lunch with us!

Fresh ingredients, the flavours of home cooking, quick and friendly serving, varied menus, low prices and homely atmosphere. It is important for us to provide varied dishes to our guest in our self-serving restaurant, where we always prepare our food based on our actual supplies. The fast, self-serving conception is practical for those, who would like to spend their lunchbreak outside their office, and eat alone, or with the company of their family members or colleagues.

Opening hours of the restaurant: every day 11:00 am – 02:00 pm.
You can use cash, credit card or Szép Kártya (OTP, MKB, K&H)

Our own catering service that completes the event!

For the events can choose form the varied menus offered by us, but we also prepare menus for special needs. Our kitchen team serves the most delicious dishes for a short coffee break just as well, as for an elegant gala dinner or for a wedding.

Our event catering services:
• main meal on plated service or family style at the tables
• buffet service main meal
• hot and cold buffets
• coffee breaks, pre-made self-service buffet
• standing receptions, banquets
• wedding dinners

Our catering services can be requested for external locations as well!
Have a look at our other catering facilities, the Prímás Pince and the Rondella Coffee Bar.


Ordering a meat platter or cold cuts

Do you have no time to work all day in the kitchen or are you simply not in the mood for it? We are here to help. Get some rest after the long weekdays and let us do the cooking! You can have a perfect menu with the flavours of home cooking on your table, have a family lunch or a company meeting. Order some of our meat platters or cold cuts, and your success is certain!

Please, make your order on this e-mail-address: etterem@szentadalbert.hu.

We ask you to order the meat platters and cold cuts 48 hours in advance. The prices include VAT. The price of the disposable foam tray: HUF 100/piece If you provide your own dishes and trays for your ordering, we will serve your food on them. Please provide your own dishes and trays 48 hours before you would like to pick up your platters. We will, of course, prepare other menus and meals in a variety of configurations as required. If you have any questions, please reach us on the given contact!

Would you rather like to have a breakfast?

A wide choice of buffet breakfast

Start your day with a majestic breakfast, pick your favourites from the wide choice of the buffet table of Hotel Adalbert.